Does Digital Photo Editing With Photoshop Intimidate You, Too? It Did Me! And I’m A Quick Learner!

I Read All Of The Photoshop “Secret Tricks” Books! And Then, Eureka!!! I Found Relief – At Last! I Learned More With Photoshop By Watching Live Action Video Tutorials

I’m not bragging, but I’m a quick learner. So, learning digital photo editing with Photoshop should’ve been a ‘piece-of-cake,’ right? After all, Photoshop is the standard by which all other digital photo editing software programs are judged. It is probably the most popular digital photo management software in the world. Why, then, is it so difficult to learn?

I will admit that once I learned how to use some of the specific tools, I become more familiar with the program. But, learning some specific tools and how to use them didn’t help me to learn how to use Photoshop much. I got better using some basic elements of Photoshop, but my confidence using Photoshop effectively definitely didn’t improve at all.

Digital Photo Editing With Scott Kelby

A very good resource that helped me to learn to do more than simply open up my Photoshop software program was by Scott Kelby, Publisher of a Photoshop User magazine and author of digital photo editing books. His book, “The Photoshop Book For Digital Photographers ,” improved my Photoshop skills dramatically.

In the book, he makes the steps so easy that you can follow along as if he is holding your hand. The results of my photos using the easy-to-follow steps of the book are simply awesome – if I say so myself!


My portrait photography business jumped big time when I started using Photoshop to ‘touch up’ portraits that I was taking. Prior to learning tips from his book, ‘touch up’ work took far too much time to make it worthwhile (re: profitable). I found that I could complete the photo editing techniques in 5 to 20 minutes (max) with the steps learned from reading the book.

Even with those photo editing skills I wasn’t tapping into the power of Photoshop. I knew that I needed to and wanted to learn more. But, I was getting tired of reading books. I was learning the ‘how-to’ steps and techniques, but the process was very slow. And my confidence was zilch.

digital photo editing
digital photo editing
digital photo editing
Of course, since this is a page about photo editing, here is where I'm supposed to place 'before & after' photos. But, like any other photographer, I would only put my better photography work, right? Each of this photos were minimally edited for display on the internet. Digital photo editing with Photoshop gives confidence!

Digital Photo Editing With Photoshop

Once again, I’m not bragging, but I have much more photography business than most of my friends that are photographers. One distinct reason is that I market effectively and consistently. Another major reason is the outstanding professional-looking photography that I now produce.

Many of my friends think that my photography improved because I took some training and did a great deal of practice shooting. They were partly correct: I did some practice shooting, but I always practice. I currently get business that they do not get, and, sometimes, have some of their customers “hire me” because of the quality of the photography work that I’m producing.

I am good, but my knowledge of digital photo editing with Photoshop is giving me the reputation, the photography business and the dramatic business growth of the number of quality customers that I continue experiencing.

Fortunately, I found that, for me, at least, I learn best with video.

Hands down – I absolutely “master” Photoshop these days. Of course, I’m still required to make sure that I shoot quality photo images consistently. Photoshop accentuates the visual highlights and content of my images. Watching live action video tutorials made all of the difference in the world.

  • Know-How: I finally ‘got it!’ I knew that I knew that I knew that I knew. I was impressive.
  • Total Confidence: My confidence with Photoshop now inspires me to create and produce images that my customers dream of – that’s right, I’m now able to make their ‘dreams’ real. Whether it requires the removal of blemishes, the removal of extra chins, the removal of scars and pimples – I can now deliver! I can even take off some pounds and ‘re-adjust’ body shapes.
  • Learning Pace: The videos allowed me to learn at my own pace. I skipped what I didn’t ‘want to have to see’ to get to specific classes and sections.
  • Special Effects: I shy away from special effects, as a rule. However, many of the special effects in Photoshop make my marketing efforts more dramatic, attention-getting and credible (re: very profitable).
  • Retouch Photos: I also shied away from retouching photos because it took me much too long. That is – until I watched Photoshop video tutorials.

“How-To” Digital Photo Editing Steps That I Learned Simply Watching Videos:

  • Changing eye color
  • Digital face lift
  • Extracting background
  • Remove people out of photos
  • Remove red-eye (without the ‘spaced-out’ look)
  • Remove blemishes
  • Remove flash hot spots
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Enhance skin tones
  • Smoothen skin
  • Sharpen a photo
  • Create web photo galleries
  • Email photos
  • Resize images
  • Use camera raw
  • Fix underexposed photos
  • And much, much more…. Click Here to successfully learn digital photo editing

Learn Digital Photo Editing With Photoshop Today

Digital Photo Editing With Other Photo Management Software

Photoshop isn’t the only digital photo editing software program available. There are many of them. Many of them are very, very good. Most, if not all, of them cost much, much less than Photoshop – even when you can find Photoshop on sale. Picasa is a free digital photo management software program by Google. It performs many photo editing tasks. I found that it has a few glitches – but, for the ‘price,’ it is hard to beat.

An online search for “digital photo editing” will return more digital photo management software programs. Also, many photographers discuss and recommend photo editing programs and tools in the many online photography forums.

An “Overnight” Digital Photo Expert

Well, it wasn’t ‘exactly’ overnight – but it definitely was less than one week! I became an expert. While I know that doesn’t sound very humble – but it’s the truth. I now consistently produce top-notch, pro-level, professional-looking photos. My family, photographer friends and customers all think that I’m the ‘greatest photographer’ of all time! I owe ‘most of it’ to learning digital photo editing with Photoshop using very informative and clear Photoshop tutorial videos.

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