How To Find Photography Customers

Do you know how to find photography customers? There are a lot of photographers out there that are elbowing each other over the very finite number of customers who are in need of their services. Your need to know how to find photography customers, especially when you are just starting a photography business, may be the first big step that every photographer must take because business is never going to go on without people coming back.

Here is a very basic protocol that could be followed to maximize your consumer base:

Go to people you know – family, friends and people who you know and know you might be the key to getting more people to know you. These people are more likely to take in your offer because they already know you and will feel more secure with your service. An example would be event photography projects for friends or family. You can either charge a low fee or decide to just work for free. Either way, you should request that you be referred to the people they think might need your services.

Advertise – it doesn’t cost much to post a little advertising in the yellow pages and posting in public places flyers and posters with your contacts. Try posting on online business directories that offer free classified ads (look especially for the sites that offer free classified ads with photos and then display your work). Also, if you know people who own shops or stores you can ask them to refer customers to you whenever they get word of people who need a photographer.

Join public events – there are many local non-profit public events that usually open themselves to freelance services. You can join these groups and give free photos of the event and the project managers will be more than happy to keep your contacts next time they need you or know someone who does.

Keep a contact list – don’t just give out contacts to other people; keep their contacts as well alongside other important numbers as well. This can come in handy when you want to refer contacts to one another for some reason (i.e. a joint project).

Finally, remember that the tips above are simply means of how to find photography customers. Keeping customers will definitely be up to you, that is, whether your services are of satisfactory or competitive quality that customers would want to get you again for the next project. But what’s important in maximizing your customer base is purely referrals by keeping the people who have received great services from you telling others how wonderful you are!

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