How to Sell Amateur Stock Photography

Although most of us begin photography as a hobby, sooner or later we want to know how to sell amateur stock photography. This is especially true in this explosive digital photography world.How to sell photos online

Digital technology allows photography enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy photography without the limits of costs and expenses. And, of course, digital produces such beautiful photos. As a digital photographer you can sell those beautiful photographs online. This article is about some ways to do that.

Digital photography allows you to capture a variety of images in a variety of formats. For example, remember when you used to visit the county fair or amusement park and they took those old-fashioned pictures of people? The pictures looked faded but that was simply a sepia tone. You can create the same effect on your digital camera when you edit a photo.

Stock photography is one of the best ways to break into the online digital photography market. You can sell your photos to others who need pictures for websites, newsletters, magazines and e-zines and other media.

Have you searched the Web lately?  Have you noticed how many of the photos look the same?

Your photos can add a new flavor to what is currently being offered. There is never any harm in seeing how your images will be perceived.

Portrait photo salesFirst, when learning how to sell amateur stock photography, understand how the stock photography business works. On stock photo sites, customers can purchase pictures or license them for a certain amount of time. On some sites, photos are free to use when signing an agreement of use and including a link back to the site.

As a photographer, you will make more money if your photos are licensed as opposed to being sold. The one time sale may net you some cash but the license will provide a continuous source of income off of that one photograph. And, many people (photobuyers and publishers) will pay to license the photograph. Through the licensing process, your work will be viewed by a larger audience. (Licensing is the same as leasing - you don't sell ownership, you're paid when someone uses it.)

Start by researching current stock photography sites. Find one that offers the licensing option to customers and also has an easy-to-navigate site. Begin here and test the waters with your work.

Now all you need to do is produce some quality work. Look at other stock photos. What do they have in common? Are the pictures clear? Can you make out all of the features of the photo?

At the least, your photographs need to be clear with the subjects in the foreground.


Another consideration in how to sell amateur stock photography is the type of digital photos you are trying to sell. More of the same that already exists won’t be received well. The stock photography companies are out to make money too. Don’t be afraid to try some new ideas for holiday photos or for everyday photos. They will let you know what does and does not sell.

In the meantime, create a website or blog with links to the stock photography sites featuring your work. This will send more people to view your photographs and may lead to other opportunities in the future. Also, take every opportunity to learn more about how to sell amateur stock photography. It isn’t very complicated, at all. It is simply about researching the best places to begin and the necessary steps to begin.

Keep shooting for the enjoyment of photography. Practice makes you better. You will get some good stock photos from your practice. Initially, you’re practicing to become very familiar with your camera, how to control composition, how to control lighting, etc.

Once you begin to feel comfortable with your camera skills, you can then begin to focus on the styles of the published photos that we see everywhere (and that we are trying to get ours included). The point is, first, become familiar with your camera (reading the operator’s manual will put you head and shoulders above 80% of most photographers). Once familiar with your camera, then start practicing shooting the photo styles that you see and like. The majority of photography enthusiasts do it backwards. They try to shoot the photos that are published before they learn how to effectively use the basic tool for all great photos, the camera.

How To Sell Amateur Stock Photography Tips in a Nutshell:

  1. Learn your camera
  2. Practice the published styles
  3. Learn the “how to sell amateur stock photography” basics and resources
  4. Begin selling your photography
  5. Continue to practice and publish your work

There are two important points that it is important that you understand from this information:
Don’t work backwards (it’s too expensive) learn your camera first.

Continue to practice and publish your work. If you would like a free report about how to make money with digital photography, click here now. Chances are very good that you already have everything that you need to start successfully selling your work today.

More Tips for Turning Your Photos Into Cash

These tips will help you grow your online photo catalog and discover how to sell amateur stock photography that online buyers are really looking for.

1. Take photos of yourself.

It can be tricky to take pictures of people, because you need to be covered legally. So the easiest human subject to photograph is... yourself. You can get specific tips for doing this for profit from this no-cost report, "Make Money with Digital Photography."

2. Take photos of objects in and around your home.

Another fast and easy way to get photos to sell online is to simply shoot objects inside or around your very own home. Publishers are always looking for photos of ordinary objects, office equipment, and whatever else you have lying around the house.

3. Find out what pictures people are looking for.

Learn how to do keyword research so you'll have a good idea of which photos are in high demand online. A quick Google search will lead you to good tutorials for doing keyword research. You can learn this in under half an hour.

Follow these additional tips and you'll soon be enjoying a nice passive income from your digital photos. You now know how to sell amateur stock photography consistently.

For more detailed guidelines, make sure you read this f-ree report, "Make Money with Digital Photography."

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