Photographers! Photos Don’t Sell Themselves. Photography Marketing Does!

It is photography marketing that sells your photography. This website is the resource designed to offer helpful tips, marketing tools reviews, resources, and solutions to some of the questions that all photographers face - especially with issues of self-promotion and photography business growth. Visit for more great resources.

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how to start a photography business

FREE Photographer Ebook

Here's a great photography ebook for you and your love of photography.

You will learn :

  • How to start a photography business
  • Finding lucrative photo niches
  • Marketing tips
  • Self-promotion tips
  • Selling photos online
  • Photography website basics
  • Promoting your photography website
  • How to get and keep customers
  • How to make money with your photography – without spending a fortune
  • How to enter the stock photography market

If you’re a photographer that wants to make enough money to cover your photography expenses – you’ll love this book. If you want to start a photography business and need to know where to start – you will love this book.

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FREE photographer ebook

photography marketing for photographers

Call Now: 877-578-6066Whether you consider yourself an amateur or experienced, this website is a valuable addition to your resources - especially if increasing your exposure and your confidence are important to you. We help you sift through all of the stuff promoted to successfully market photography. For example, what is all of this video marketing about? Is it for you?

Take a look at this video about marketing for photographers with YouTube - you might be surprised!

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Is how to start a photography business important to you? How about the challenges of digital photo editing? Marketing for photographers really isn't very difficult when you know what photography marketing is and what it can do for you - whether you're looking to display your work to a larger audience or find new customers.

Modern Photography Marketing for Photographers

how to start a photography business

Photography Business Links & Resources

On this website , we constantly search the internet and other sources to find valuable and useful content, resources, tools and links. We research them and select the “best of” and include them on this site. We can help you to “de-mystify” the world of marketing. If you’re “brand new” - it can be a real ‘rush.’ This website is designed as a portal for photographers to the vast world of photography.

Do you know where your favorite photos fit in the many photography niches? This website is where you can begin yoursearch –and find answers that make sense and will help you improve your photography skills as well asincrease yourexposure as a sought after professional "visual artist."

Photography Marketing is about increasing your exposure. What is marketing? It's a process! Right?! But, what does that mean? This site answers the question and provides great informative content in understandable terms and categories. On this site, you’ll findhelpful articles on practical, effective (immediately usable) and profitable marketing tips for “shy” photographers

photography marketing for photographers

Are you an amateur photographer thinking about going professional? Here’s an article about my experiences. It should save you money, time and frustration.

Are you a rookie photographer? Or are you a pest with a camera? Read this article to find out for sure.

Have you tried street photography, yet? You probably have and didn’t know it.

Looking for a tip to get photography customers? Try reading this article.

Today, a photographer without a photography website is simply not taken seriously. Having a photography website is one thing. Having a functioning photography website is something else – and what you want!

Really, it shouldn't be so complex and difficult. Click here for Simple Marketing Ideas, tips and resources. Marketing is NOT "rocket science!"

Trounce your competion - try email.

Finding success in the photography business is about successful (planned and practiced) exposure. If you’re looking for digestible, easy-to-understand information on photography marketing, this is the resource for you!

The aim in creating this website is to save you time, money and effort in your search for the best performing resources and the most informative content. Photo marketing is needed because photography doesn't sell itself!

This is the website to successfully assist you to market and promote your work and your skills with your camera.

Our goal is to successfully teach you how to plan and take the steps to have numerous warm and willing people seek youout and insist that they pay you for your skills and services.

FREE Stock Photography Business Kit!

photogaphy marketing for photographers
  • Stock Photography 101. This short report covers all the most common questions for photographers wanting to get started selling photos online.
  • Selling Stock Photography. This report takes it a step further and covers the practical steps you'll need to undertake to selling your photos.
  • Better Photos More Often. Simply tricks & systems get you shooting more commercial images fast, and to seriously increase your stock photo output.
  • Stock Photography Process Maps. Get the big picture overview of how it all works and what you need to do to sell stock photos.
  • Stock Photography Price Calculator. Free lifetime membership gives you quick & simple prices for 43,000+ stock photography usage combinations!

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    "30 Minute Web Presence" Tutorial Guide. Does the thought of not having a 'web presence' worry you? Does the thought of building your own website yourself intimidate you? Click here... and find 4 questions and 5 easy steps that will have you online with a professional-looking website in 30 minutes. By the way, it's FREE!!

    I have a passion for photography and I wanted to build a website for my passion. My research introduced me to a resource that I was able to build a successful internet business - not just a website. I didn’t have to become an internet expert. All I had to bring was my passion, my brains and some motivation. Do you have a passion?

    Photography marketing is not simply advertising. It's about consistently communicating your brand marketing message to your target audience. The content on this photography website is to provide photography tips and know-how as well as content to help you enjoy your photography passion.

    The Photography Marketing Association.

    Marketing Strategies For Small Business Owners


    Photography Marketing for Photographers With YouTube
    Photography marketing for photographers with YouTube may be one of the best kept secrets today. Photography marketing for photographers with YouTube is more effective than Facebook marketing for photo
    Facebook Marketing for Photographers
    Facebook photography marketing for photographers is proving to be an excellent photography marketing for photographers tool.
    Photographer ebook
    This free ebook is for the photographer that wants to know where to start, what to do, and how "not" to be a 'pest' with a camera. Great photographer resources.
    Photography Website Builder
    Photographers, your photography website should work for you. Here's the most effective method of building a successful photography website. It's easy, poweful and its free.
    Amateur Photography Tips Ezine
    Amateur Photography Tips info from the "Best Amateur Photography Tips Digest" ezine - it's informative, fun and free!
    Amateur Photographer
    Helpful beginning tips for the amateur photographer. Begin shooting. Don't be captive to the photography highbrows.
    If baby-photography is your niche, you'll enjoy this information. There's a video of a baby photographer that I use as a case study for this niche.
    The Basics of Photography
    Learning the basics of photography shouldn't 'limit' your creativeness and individuality. Learning the basics of photography builds photography confidence better than anything except actual shooting.
    Easy Online Photography Course Review - Proud Photography
    This is the review of an easy online photography course called the Proud Photography Online Photography Course. Here are some pros and cons.
    Photography Lighting Lessons
    Photography lighting can make dramatic differences in quality photography. Videos on natural, artificial and other photography lighting. Very informative videos.
    The Basics of Photography And Your 'Rules'
    Share what do you think are the basics of photography. Do you really know. Do the rules of photography get in the way of creativity?
    Photographer Gallery
    Photos are meant to be seen. A photographer gallery helps you to do just that.
    Marketing Plan Musts
    Marketing Plan 'must-haves' tips, resources and attitudes that you need to map out assured success in your photography business dreams and goals.
    Photography Ebooks
    Ebooks as an effective photography marketing tool. Tips, sources and how-to steps.
    Photography Customer Benefits
    The photography customer buys benefits, not features. Knowing the difference will keep the photography customer seeking you out again and again. Of course, that is good for your business.
    Start A Photography Business Part-Time
    Steps how to start a photography business part-time. This is a proven, cost-effective and credible method to start a photography business on a part-time basis.
    Photography Props
    Photography props should contribute to the story of your photograph - not detract. Tips to consider when using props.
    Best Digital Photography Books
    I use, profit and benefit from this list of the best digital photography books.
    Photographer Basics
    Many of us that refer to ourselves as a photographer might have a tendency to think that, as photographers, we’re selling our images – that our photos are our product. But we are mistaken.
    Digital Photo Editing With Photoshop
    Digital photo editing with Photoshop can easily and quickly be learned. Finally, a solution to end the intimidation and frustration while digital photo editing with Photoshop.
    Digital Photo Editing With Photoshop Tutorial Videos
    Digital photo editing with Photoshop doesn't intimidate me anymore. Even reading all of the digital photo editing with Photoshop"tips" books left me wanting more. How about you? Click here for more...
    Site Map
    Site map for Marketing for Photographers and Photography with all connecting links.
    Event Photographer
    The challenges for an event photographer are basic. An event photographer must be successful at getting the word out about who we are, at what we do and why we’re better than the ‘other’ photographer.
    Family Photography
    Family Photography is the most profitable type of studio photography there is - and it's growing.
    Freelance Photography
    Freelance photography is for those of us photographers that simply enjoy taking all types of photos. Being successful in freelance photography is very doable - with proper know-how.
    Photography Niche
    Defining your photography niche is necessary assist you to focus on the most lucrative market for your work.
    Photography Resources
    This web page provides links to valuable resources for photographers and photography. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the resources at the links will be very helpful to you if increasing
    Why and What Is Marketing?
    Why marketing? Yes, I knew what marketing was and how important it is to business exposure, growth and success. But, I didn’t know much, beyond that.
    Pet Photography
    Pet photography
    Portrait Photography
    Portrait photography is the bread and butter service ofthe average retail photograher. Targeting subjects and portrait types helps the photographer get more business.
    Photography Contact Us
    Got a photography question or a good suggestion? This is the page. Suggestions, comments, improvements and critiques are also welcomed.
    Photography Marketing Blog
    The Photography Marketing Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site Subscribe here.
    Photo Ebook Guide
    Publishing your own photo ebook is easy, effective, very cheap to do and the photo ebook is fast becoming the "marketing tool" that gets your work in front of eyes that would not normally see you.
    Photography Marketing Tools
    This is simply the greatest product for photography marketing tools available online. Although the product is not specifically designed to be for photography marketing tools. I've found nothing better
    Stock Photography
    Stock Photography - the playing field has leveled. Photographer must focus now on content and niche markets
    Photography Portfolio
    Photography portfolio - one of your best sales tools. Your photography portfolio speaks for you and your work whether you are in the room or not. Make it shout out your name.
    Creative Wedding Photographer
    Creative wedding photographer - being successful in this high end of the photography market.
    Boudoir Photography
    Boudoir photography is personal, there is no such thing as typical boudoir photography. Sensuousness is the common thread in this type of photography. The images can convey love, romance, tenderness,
    Photography Equipment
    Photography doesn't have to be expensive. Determine what you want to buy. And then come here for your lowest prices in the photography industry. Guaranteed!
    Street Photographer
    A street photographer simply shoots what they see. Defining street photography is left to those that function within the guidelines of "structure.
    Studio Photographer
    Studio Photographer Tips points to consider when establishing a successful studio
    Passion for Photography Directory
    The "Passion for Photography" Directory - the Photography Directory that only requires a Passion for photography and a website address! Join the fun!!!
    Best Photography Tips Testimonials
    All the valuable photography tips that I've learned over the years are included on this website and in my ezine, the "Best Amateur Photography Tips Digest." Please leave a testimonial if you like it.
    Photography Marketing Video
    Photography marketing video is now almost as easy to use as email. With the right tools, it is push-button easy to make and use online video.
    Photography Marketing Tip
    Here's a photography marketing tip that is effective at getting customers and increasing a photographer's public profile.
    How To Sell Amateur Stock Photography
    Tips on how to sell amateur stock photography for beginners and experienced photographers alike. Tips to start a digital photography business by selling stock photography.
    How To Sell Amateur Digital Photography
    Here is how to sell amateur digital photography without the confusion. Knowing how and where to begin is key. Amateur digital photography sells - when you know how.
    What Is Good Pet Photography?
    What is good pet photography and whose standards are "best?" Here are a few of my "standards."
    Photography Niche - Scanography Explained
    Scanography is a very new and recent photography niche that is producing some awesome images. Here's the scanography story. Very interesting photography niche.
    About The Author
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
    Digital Camera Deals
    This is our Digital Camera Choice Deals page where you'll find the best digital cameras on sale. The best digital slr camera and much more.
    "Rookie" or Amateur Photographer?
    Sometimes, people with cameras can be "pests" and give the amateur photographer a "bad name." A "rookie" is one thing. Are you new to photography?
    Photography Marketing Value
    Your photography marketing determines the 'value' of your work. You cannot accurately price your work until you understand photography marketing value.
    Digital Photography Tips
    Great digital photography tips are easy to understand and help you to master your camera. The most important digital photography tips include reading your owner's manual.
    How To Build A Photography Website
    How to build a photography website that exactly fits your style and that works is no longer a mystery. Build a website without the geek-speak.
    Photography Website Tips Reality Tutorial
    This is the splash page of the “Photography Website Tips Reality Tutorial” that walks you through how to build a photography website that works for you.
    Google Analytics For Photographers
    Learning and using Google Analytics for photographers is here and it's very easy. Here are some resources to make it simple for you.
    Nature and Wildlife Photography
    Great nature and wildlife photography examples and natural wildlife photography tips. This particular photography niche requires a great deal of patience and other unique requirements.
    How To Sell Photos Online
    I accidently learned how to sell photos online profitably. I tried to sell photos that I liked, but failed. I found a great resource that taught me how to sell my photos online.
    Photography Marketing & Advertising
    Photography Marketing Article Summary - If you want more paying clients in your photography business, this "Marketing GPS Tool" is going to be extremely valuable to you - and it's totally FREE to set
    Photography Marketing With Video By Animoto
    Photography marketing with video is 1-2-3 easy with Animoto. Marketing for photographers just got easier. Another way to put your photography portfolio in front of people.
    Your Photography Website Marketing IQ
    Your photography website should be a part of your photography marketing strategy. You can learn how to build your own photography website.
    Pin Up Photography Course Review
    Pin up photography requires a little more attention to detail than most photography niches. Pinup make up, pinup props and post production must be considered.
    What Is Photography To You?
    Open question - What Is Photography to you?
    How To Shoot Sports Photography
    Here's how to shoot sports photography. Learn about the sports photography niche and sports photography tips from Jeff Lewis, Harry How, and others.
    Natural Photography Lighting
    Here are some very good lessons on natural photography lighting. Learn photo lighting and you've learned 85% of great photography. These lessons are one place to start to learn photography.
    Photography Marketing
    This is a photography marketing case study how one photographer gets customers by referrals.
    Beginning Wedding Photographer
    So, you're a beginning wedding photographer? Here's a very good wedding photography source to start.
    Introduction to Digital Photography
    Introduction to digital photography. What it is and what it isn't. Is photography art or not? Some photographers think it is.
    Digital Photography
    Learning digital photography can be confusing. Advice from experienced, professional photographers.
    Photography Websites for Photographers
    Photography websites for photographers are getting better. Learn how to build a photography website.
    A Photoshop Clone
    Photoshop is the most poweful photo editing software available. But, it can be expensive. Here is a photo editing programs that claims to be as good.
    How To Start A Photography Business Checklist
    Here is a great How To Start A Photography Business checklist that you will enjoy. Learn if the photography business is for you; how to set photography prices; photography marketing; etc.
    Where To Start A Photography Business
    Do you know where to start a photography business? Do you know what equipment you need? Find out in this article.
    Real Estate Photography Model
    Here's a video on the real estate photography business model that gives your real estate photography much more value to real estate agents. Watch this real estate photography niche business video now
    Choosing A Photography Subject To Shoot
    When choosing a photography subject to shoot, what do you consider. This article on choosing a photography subject outlines some helpful tips.
    How To Make A YouTube Video With Photography
    Learn how to make a YouTube video with your photography. Video will help to expose you and your photography. Once you learn to make a YouTube video you can dramatically expand your presence.
    How To Price Photography
    Learn how to price photography in this video. You can learn how to price photography to get paid what you and your work are worth.
    Photography Marketing Video Tools
    Photography marketing video is a powerful method of keeping your name in front of your target audience. Your strategies with an easy to produce photography marketing video can be very effective.
    How To Make Money With Photography - In The Beginning
    Here is how to make money with photography from people that are doing so now. Maybe you can share with us how to make money with photography.
    Pinterest Marketing
    Photography marketing is needed because photos don't sell themselves. Learn the benefits of marketing with Pinterest and get ahead of your competition. Pinterest is an outstanding marketing tool.
    Photo Site Secrets Review
    Watch this insider's Photo Site Secrets review that gives you a peek behind the curtains. Build your photography website to make money with photography
    Photography Business Course
    Here's how to start a photography business and sell digital photos that you take. This takes the mystery out of selling photos and builds your confidence.

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