Photo Ebook - A Major Photography Marketing Tool

Photo ebooks are very effective photography marketing tools. Producing and publishing photo ebooks isn’t difficult. This page offers a link to a step-by-step guide to publishing your own ebook.

Ebooks are electronic documents in a file format called pdf. Ebooks have revolutionized the way information is consumed, produced and sold. For the world of photography, ebooks provide the, almost, unlimited capacity to display, distribute and show photography work. Some ebooks by photographers are used to display photographs. Other ebooks by photographers are used to provide information. And, then, many photography ebooks are a combination of the two types of content, information and photos.

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I use ebooks to market my photography work, to share photography content with others and to sell. The “FREE Ebook” button in the navigation bar of this website will take you to one of the ebooks that I give away. Actually, those that get the photographer ebook also get other great photography content in ebook form.

Ebooks have helped thinking photographers dramatically increase their exposure and increase public awareness of their photography work. These documents can be distributed through email. They don’t require that you stock an inventory of them. And, for the most part, photographers don’t have to worry about their images being stolen or used without compensation or their consent.

Increasing Photo Ebook Value

According to current trends, ebooks that contain photos and text are the most popular type of photographer ebooks. This reflects a tendency of people that like to look at photos, they like to know something about the photos. Photos accompanied by stories are very popular for similar reasons.

“How-To,” Travel, Adventure written content are the most popular photography ebook content categories. For the travel photographer, the uses of ebooks have revolutionized their niche. Before, if their photos were published, someone else, other than the photographer published them. Now, however, travel photographers can publish their own ebooks. And the costs are minimum compared to hard copy books. Actually, ebooks can be published as hard copy books, also – another advantage.

Viral Marketing Value

All ebooks have what is referred to as ‘viral marketing’ value. That is, once published and distributed, they are shared with others – usually through email. But, also by file-sharing, as so many social networks are prone to do. That keeps your work and contact info in front of people and growing.

A Photo Ebook Guide

Here’s a very easy to follow, step-by-step guide to publishing your own photo ebook. Of course, the ebook is in PDF format. It is ten pages long. The title is “Getting Your Ducks In Order.” The guide is informative and fun. The steps to publishing your own ebooks are on the last page of the guide.

Including the ebook in your photography marketing tools will help put you head and shoulders above your competition and keep your name and your work in front of the people who should see it.


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